Monday, May 24, 2010

Jean Skirt - Recycling a pair of jeans

Start with a pair of jeans that currently fits you in the waist.  It does not have to be wide leg; anything will do, including capris.  Personally, I prefer to get cheap jeans at a thrift store or garage sale.  If you want a long skirt, you will need another pair of jeans in a similar color (you are going to cut them, so they don't have to fit) or a piece of fabric that you like. You'll also need matching thread, I usually use brown or cream.  Here are some samples:

1.  If making a short skirt, cut the legs off at desired length (remember to add an inch or two for hemming).  If making a long skirt, skip this step.

2.  Use a seam ripper to take out the inseam of the jeans.  Also, rip the seam from the crotch to the bottom of the fly in front, and the crotch to the bottom of the pockets in back.

3.  Lay the skirt out flat on the floor.  Make sure everything is smooth underneath.  You will have one side that naturally lies on top of the other.

4.  Cut a piece of material to add in between the legs.  If making a short skirt, you may be able to use the bottom of the pant leg like I did.  I make a rough rectangle and cut the extra off after sewing.
Note:  If making a floor length skirt or a shorter skirt using capris, you can avoid hemming by adding a piece of jeans that already is hemmed and matching the hems together.  See picture.

5.  Lay the fabric in the opening and carefully pin.
6.  Sew the pieces together following the original stitch line of the pants.  do two rows of stitching to prevent fraying.

7.  Turn the skirt inside out and cut off the extra fabric - be careful not to cut the skirt.

8.  Flip the skirt over and repeat steps 3-7.

9.  Hem to desired length if needed.

After you wash it, you will need to flip it inside out to trim all the frayed threads.  You may need to do this a couple times.


  1. looks so easy!!!!
    i NEED to learn how to sew!!!

  2. I love my jean skirt. I'd made it years ago when high wasted jeans were the thing. Glad to see I'm not the only one who takes an old favorite & repurposes!

  3. I remember this from the late 70's. It was this and adding fabric to the sides of your jeans in the mid 70"s. What comes around will come around again!!

  4. Well didn't think I could do this BUT !!! I did with ease .a co-worker wanted me to do this for her and I think she will be PLEASED!!!!

    1. So glad it was easy for you! I'm sure your co-worker will love it!


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