Friday, October 24, 2014

Monster Truck Birthday Cake

Happy 8th Birthday to my firstborn son! He chose a monster truck cake for this birthday. I think he was hoping I'd put real trucks on that he could keep, and I did! I found them at Dollar Tree, so it wasn't too pricey! The bottom layer was chocolate and the top layer was vanilla, per Caleb's request. It's covered in chocolate frosting and chocolate cake "mud". It was very simple! Below is a picture of Caleb helping his little brother bowl during his birthday party. He is growing up and I am so proud of him!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mexico - MFW ECC & 1st, Weeks 5 & 6

We studied Mexico this week!  The kids were excited to get their "passports" and some Mexican money!  They took a "train" around the driveway, and then entered Mexico!  They had to use their pesos to buy their snacks.  We tried Mexican soda, crackers, cookies, marzipan, chips and salsa, and lots of other homemade food.

The kids worked on several notebook pages. We listened to some Spanish worship songs on Youtube and tried to learn a few words in Spanish. I also found a few videos of some traditional dances. Rebekah is awe of some of the ladies dresses! The library had a few documentaries the kids enjoyed as well.

Below is a picture of us playing the Geography Game for North America. This game is part of our curriculum. It's very simple, but it really does help you remember where the countries are! The first time we played we were getting all the Central American countries wrong, but now I think we all know them, even Rebekah!

Here are a few books the kids really enjoyed:

We did a few art projects too. They really enjoyed making yarn art!

In the picture below you can see their yarn arts on the bottom. We also did some paper cut outs, and made a banner with them too. I'm really excited about the poster you see here too! It's of all the missionary kids that are part of the United Pentecostal Church. We also were able to write to one of them in Bolivia!

You can't study Mexico without a pinata! Unfortunately, it wasn't dry in time for our fiesta, so we improvised with a paper bag! It worked great though! I filled it with suckers, dollar store toys, pencils, and peanuts. One of our books mentioned that they filled them with peanuts and oranges as well as candy.

While in Mexico, our science topic was deserts! Since we don't live anywhere near a desert, we had to watch a documentary.

I've been reading a biography of Cameron Townsend during our read aloud time. We're really enjoying it, although sometimes it's a bit boring for Rebekah. Below is a sample of Caleb's bible time. We've been reading the book of Matthew, and this was one of his memory verses.  I don't make him memorize it because we'll be starting bible quizzing though our church soon, so he'll be memorizing those verses instead. The top is his copywork, and the bottom is the same verse, but I dictated it to him instead. If you're interested in learning more about copywork and dictation, here's a great blog post about it from a fellow MFW user:

Here is a poem he copied during our English time.  His handwriting is really getting better!

Caleb has started learning multiplication with the 2s and 3s. It was VERY rough going for a few days, but then it must have "clicked". He earned himself a few stickers!

Rebekah is cruising right along with her reading! She learned the sounds for sh, ch, th, ng, and now is on long vowels. It's so easy to teach her since she really wants to learn. She's such a different student than Caleb!

Here's a fun reading review game!

She loves to do her copywork of some Proverbs.

Her math has been easy with shapes and basic numbers, but we just started addition!

 That was a long post, two weeks worth!  Our next county is Canada, come back and follow us around the world!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Re-Purposed Dress into a Skirt

Rebekah is growing and all her clothes seem to be too short!  She had this dress that she just loved, but it was getting too short to wear.  I was about to pack it away when it dawned on me that I could turn it into a skirt!  I cut it off right under the armpits.  Since the top was shirred, I didn't even have to put a waistband in!  I just folded it over and stitched it once around, finished!  Now it's a long skirt for her!

Because I'm not passing her clothes down to anyone (she only has little brothers), I'm a little more willing to cut them up and try to re-purpose them!  Below are a few pictures of another skirt that I had to add length to.  The picture looks red, but it's actually pink denim.  I honestly don't care for it too much, but she liked it.  Guess it will work for now.

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