Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Handle Cover for Cast Iron Skillet

I made a pot holder handle for my cast iron skillet!  I knew if I didn't have something over the handle, it would only be a matter of time before I grabbed and burned my hand... I tend to do things like that!  I used two layers of cotton fabric with quilt batting in between.  So far, it has worked great.  It took me a few times to figure out the right dimensions and the best way to put it together, the other pictures are of my first two attempts.  I will try to put a tutorial together when I make a few more.

I tried another recipe too, apple cake, shown above.  It was delicious.  I thought it tasted much better after it cooled off, I ate two pieces right away!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Flannel Pillowcase for Baby's Room

I love my Boppy nursing pillow for nursing on the couch, but it just doesn't work when I'm sitting in the glider in the baby's room.  I prefer to use a regular pillow, but I had only boring plain colored pillowcases.  I needed something a little cuter, and since I still had a stack of adorable baby boy flannel, I had to make a pillowcase.  All my flannel was cut in half yard chunks, so one piece wasn't quite enough for an entire pillowcase, therefore, I made stripes!  And it turned out extra cute!  (Also see fleece pillowcases)

But not as cute as Joshua in his first button down church shirt and shoe socks!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

More Flannel Burp Clothes

 Just a couple more flannel burp clothes I made.  These are so simple, just two rectangles of fabric sewn right sides together.  After turning, just top stitch around the whole thing and you're done!  And below is a picture of Joshua snuggled in his flannel blanket I made him.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cast Iron Skillet Cornbread

My husband and kids bought me this cast iron skillet for my recent birthday.  I have never used a cast iron skillet, so this corn bread was my first attempt, and it was delicious.  I used this recipe, and also made some honey butter (just butter mixed with some honey).  Yummy!  Do you love your cast iron skillet?  Do you have any recipes to share?  I'd love to have some tried and true recipes!

My wonderful husband took on the challenge of making me a birthday cake with both kids as helpers, isn't he brave?  The pic below is the final result!  Rebekah's side has skittles and smarties on it since she can't have the chocolate candy.  Sounds gross, but she thought skittles on chocolate cake was great!

Caleb and Rebekah made me birthday cards that they wrote on themselves, precious!

And of course, an adorable picture of baby Joshua.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Baby Girl Nursing Cover

Yep, I managed to find a little time to sew this weekend!  I was very motivated though.  A friend of mine had her baby girl three days before our Joshua was born and I had promised her a nursing cover.  I was hoping to have it done before Joshua came, but was unsuccessful.  So, thank you to my awesome husband for being Mr. Mom this week for me!  This is the third cover I've made with the black swirl fabric on the outside, it's become a popular choice!  

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ee Elephant Homeschool Highlights in MFWK

We finished up Ee Elephant a few days before having the baby, and now we are taking a couple week break to get adjusted to life with Joshua.  The bible words for Ee Elephant, were "I will remember what God has done for me".  We tried to remember all the blessings that we have been given.  The picture above is one of the elephant masks we made.  We also started a large mural of a zoo, which we will finish when we start school up again.  We read the book, "If I Ran the Zoo" by Dr. Seuss, and then they made silly animal pictures, shown below.  

We don't have a zoo with elephants near us (not to mention it's winter outside), so we had to settle for watching a nature video called Echo.  We all really enjoyed it.  The kids also thought the book Peanuts was hilarious. 

We made large strides in the reading department!  I found these little books, Clever Critters.  They are short vowel readers, and Caleb was able to read the first couple books, with a little help from us.  He was very proud and wanted to keep reading them, but they get harder as you go so we had to stop.  The Bob books were a little harder and he got frustrated much quicker.  

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