Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 25, MFW Adventures & K

It was back to regular school after our week and a half doing our Iditarod Unit Study.  Above is a picture of our science book, Usborne First Encyclopedia of Science (Internet-Linked), with our cup of water.  They were a little confused about atoms and molecules, it's difficult to understand something you can't see.  But they loved making model water molecules with jelly beans and marshmallows!

We also took a look at soap using, Science in the Kitchen.  Below is a picture of how dish soap spreads out on the surface of water, moving the baby powder out of the way.  Of course, they also did the dishes for me this day... all in the name of science!  (Ha Ha Ha)

This is what Joshua does when no ones looking... at least he's cleaning up his mess!  (That's the pencil sharpener he took apart and dumped all the shavings)

In history, we covered the states of Wisconsin and Iowa!  For Iowa, we tried a corn casserole, because they are big corn growers.  Kevin and I thought it was good, but no one else did.  Oh well.

Art has not been going that great.  Below are their drawing pages, which were supposed to be done using colored pencils.  They just don't seem to care about art, they rush to finish it as quick as possible.  I think maybe I'll just do the paint and marker cards from now on, they seem to like them.  The first one is Caleb's.

Rebekah learned her favorite letter this week, R!  I let them play with a bucket of rice, because rice starts with R.  We also read a few books about rocks.

She's almost done with her 100 chart, so we started counting money.  Every day we add a penny and count what we have.  I trade her nickels and dimes for her pennies.

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