Friday, September 26, 2014

Stamps Teach, Amazing Free Resource

Have you ever considered using stamps in your homeschool or classroom? This is an awesome free resource! Stamps Teach is a program through the American Philatelic Society. Their goal is to get young people interested in collecting stamps. They offer free worksheets and curriculum on their websites for all grades, but have a special package for grades 3-5.  The above picture is what came in the mail!  We were SO excited!  There was a huge bag of stamps, at least 2000!  Also, a world stamp album (my favorite), a huge stack of worksheets/activities/special stamps.  You can see activity mats at the bottom of the picture, and there were also activity cards to use for math, language arts, fine arts, science, and history! This will fit in perfectly with our study of world geography this year!

This was all free!  But they do ask that you give them feedback on how you used stamps.  You can also share your curriculum ideas.

So far we've only looked through the stamps to find ones we liked.  We found a Harriet Tubman stamp, which was exciting because we had just read about her that morning!

You can sign up to receive your stamps here:  American Philatelic Society: Stamps Teach.


  1. Thanks again for sharing this :) We totally signed up!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I came over from Ashley's site and we're checking it out too! We might try to earn a boy scout collecting loop/ pin with the program.

    1. That's great. Make sure you mention Ashley's name and she will get a free gift!


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