Friday, January 2, 2015

Knit T-Shirt Dress with Matching Baby Doll Dress

I made this T-Shirt Dress and matching doll dress for Rebekah for Christmas. I love it! Unfortunately, I don't think Rebekah likes it all that much...  She hasn't worn it yet, but I have seen her doll wearing hers at least! I started with a size 8 long sleeve T-shirt, 1 1/2 yards of knit fabric, and a pattern for a Twirly Dress. The pink tie in the middle is actually a pink knit bed sheet I got at the thrift store a long time ago! Come back another day to see what I did with the rest of that sheet.

Once I finished Rebekah's dress, I started on her dolls. I made a pattern for the skirt part by tracing the doll.

Then I used a doll clothes pattern I already had to make the shirt part. The fabric for the dolls shirt was the bottom of Rebekah's shirt that I cut off.

And Molly has a beautiful matching dress!

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