Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Japan - MFW ECC & 1st, Weeks 27 & 28

Japan was a very interesting country! Joshua quit taking his afternoon nap, so he started joining us for school. Sometimes it was fun, sometimes it was stressful! He loved the Japanese Carp project we did (above). Joshua's is the one on top and Rebekah's is the one that is cut out. We also tried some origami, which was a bit difficult for Caleb. Rebekah has much more patience, but I ended up making most of them!

Here are their worksheets from Japan. I failed at making any food from Japan. We didn't find any good recipes, one suggestion was Ramen noodles, which we had for China instead, oops.

They really liked watching Big Bird in Japan!

In science, we learned about the beach and ocean animals. We watched several documentaries from the library and read a few books. Caleb did a great job drawing a shark!

Joshua loves making notebook pages too! I draw the animal he wants and he colors it. This is a sting ray.

We also did some salt water experiments. We learned about the different densities, and how fresh water stays on top for a while before it mixes. (See pictures below.)

This is just a picture of them working on notebook pages.

The day before this picture (below) was taken, Caleb had an all out fit because he didn't want to do the practice from the textbook. The reason he hates these, is because he has to write the problems himself... However, this day, I warned him of the practice page and told him he could sit on the couch. Instant good attitude! I hope it works next time! (He was also being really nice to Joshua!)

Rebekah started learning about weight. We made our own scale for her to compare common items, it was fun.

And here are her bible notebook pages. She is doing an amazing job. Most times, she won't let me look at them until she's done.

That's it, next up Russia!

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