Sunday, May 31, 2015

Russia - MFW ECC & 1st, Weeks 29 & 30

Here are the kids Russian Easter Eggs! Caleb's is on the left, Rebekah's on the right, and Joshua's in the middle. They also made paper babushka dolls that I printing online (just do a goodle search). We stapled the doll pictures to paper loops to make them nesting. I must not have taken a picture though... Below are pictures of our Russian apple pie! It was basically apples with a pancake type batter poured over them. Everyone thought it was yummy!

Of course, we did a few worksheets. Our science topic was the tundra!

I noticed there was a geography game in the back of our Exploring World Geography book, so I went ahead and printed it out. We had fun playing a new version. I admit, I have let our regular geography game playing slip by the wayside since Joshua quit taking his afternoon nap.

We finished the read aloud, Kingdom Tales, which is actually a trilogy. It was an allegory, which was a little tricky at first to understand, but we all really enjoyed this book! I'm sure we'll be reading it again in the future.

We also found a wooly bear caterpillar and watched it turn itself into its own cocoon. It took several weeks for him to come out of the cocoon, I was worried he was dead! But he did finally come out!

Rebekah is still doing great on her bible notebook summaries. She has been reading a story every day and writing a summary. They are mostly done on her own. Sometimes I help her get started, and I will sometimes spell a word for her, but she's doing great all by herself! Here are just a couple:

Stay tuned for Australia and Antarctica!

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