Thursday, June 11, 2015

Antarctica - MFW ECC & 1st, Weeks 33 & 34

We finished our school year with Antarctica!  This has been a good year, but I'm ready for our summer break!  On of the activities for Antarctica was to design a flag.  Caleb's is above.  He loved learning about the explorer Shackleton.  Rebekah's is below.

Speaking of Shackleton, his story was amazing. Caleb read several books about him, and then we all watched the documentary, Endurance. I highly recommend it, although it was a bit boring for the younger ones. 

We also did a few ice berg experiments, including making a blubber glove to show how penguins fat keeps them warm. (It was shortening between two baggies.)

We also tried to make a glacier and see how it would move down a sand mountain. Unfortunately, it didn't go very far. I think the sand was too wet. The first picture is our glacier still in the bag, then the second one is after is mostly melted.

Below is a picture of our Venn diagram comparing and contrasting Antarctica to the Arctic.

Here is Caleb's geography test. In the beginning of the year, he knew 15 countries, now he got 42 right! I was actually a bit disappointed that he didn't get a few more, but I know I got lazy with playing the geography game at the end. Rebekah had only 1 right on her first test, and 23 correct at the end. They were supposed to label the continents and the oceans too, but they didn't want to, and since it was the last day, I just decided to be done.

Rebekah wanted to do an end of the year project, and Caleb had to get in on the fun too. It was supposed to be a poster of their favorite country, but it ended up a collage of pictures and flags from everywhere. They used the rest of the flags from their sticker books. Rebekah's is first.

Here are Rebekah's last two bible notebook pages!

And her completed timeline!

Lastly, here are a few pictures from our life.  Below, all the kids were helping to clean and cut asparagus for our freezer.

Our first family selfie! Just having fun with some silly glasses.

Enjoy your summer break!

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