Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flounced Jean Skirt

Here is a different version of a jean skirt from a pair of jeans.  I used a pair of jeans, but a short skirt would be even easier, and a pair of jean shorts would work fine too.  The pattern for the flounce came from my friend Janey.  To make the jean skirt part, follow the directions found in the previous post: Jean Skirt.   For the flounce, cut 2 pieces of curved material, like the following pictures.  I had my material folded in 4s to make it easier.
Follow the directions from the previous post, Adding Length to a Dress, to attach the flounce.


  1. Hi :0)
    I was wondering if you could explain to me how to make this paper pattern for the flounce. I don't know how to get the curve other than just free hand and Im sure Ill mess that up! Thank you. :0) you can email me If you wouldn't mind. calico6911@yahoo.com

    1. Well, I just folded my fabric and drew it free hand... You can try using a large bowl or plate to trace a better curve. Good luck!


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