Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Days 91-102, MFW First Grade

Have you missed me?  Our church did a media fast last week, and this week I have no excuses!  I realize I've been missing my Word for Wednesdays too, my apologies!  We've still been plugging away at school though, here's what we've been up to:

Bible: We've continued memorizing some Proverbs, they really amaze me with how much they remember.  I think they remember them better than I do!  Above are the kids posing with their paper baskets we made, like the ones the Israelite's gathered manna with.  (They were too hard for them to weave themselves, so I ended up doing them...)  We also went over the story of Caleb and Joshua, and the other 10 spies.  Yes, Caleb and Joshua are named after this story.  Then we covered battle of Jericho, and talked about archaeologists.  Below is a picture of them being archaeologists in a tub of rice.  They dug out bowls, spoons, straws, and toys!

Then it was on to the stories of Samuel.  We made paper mats like Samuel might have been sleeping on when God called to him.  They really had fun weaving these.

Today we tried some food that people ate during the bible times.  We tried pita bread, dates, dried figs, and Greek olives.  Everything was a hit except the olives...  We're not big fans...

Science:  We continued to learn about the science of water.  Below, they are blowing bubbles in the kitchen as we learned about water "skin".  

Math:  We're working on more addition, trying to memorize the addition facts.

Lastly, they've started daddy school!  After Caleb was especially interested in the inside of our computer, daddy decided it would be fun to start teaching him about electronics.  He purchased Snap Circuits and they had their first "class" this week.  They loved it!

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