Thursday, July 10, 2014

Altering Girl Clothes

I love thrift store shopping!  I found 3 dresses and 2 skirts for Rebekah, but needed to do a bit of altering on a couple. The blue dress pictured above is perfect as a play dress, made out of knit fabric. The waist was much too big though. I was able to sew a white ribbon (already had it) to each side to make a tie. Perfect! Now it will fit much better!

Another skirt that was too big. The problem we always seem to have is if it fits in the waist, it's too short. I'm so glad I can alter clothes for her! On this skirt I just added 2 darts to make it smaller. I can easily take the darts out with a seem ripper once she grows, so this should last a long time. (Well, if she doesn't go play in the mud with it...)

One more. This is an old red skirt that I made Rebekah for her 3rd birthday (with a matching doll skirt). Yikes, it still fits her and she still loves wearing it, but it's much too short now that she's almost 6! I had some cute pink and red lady bug fabric already in my stash that I used to lengthen it. Do you think it'll fit her for another 3 years?!

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