Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Diaper and Wipes Case and Decorated Burp Clothes

This is a baby present for a friend, it needed to be gender neutral, but after making it I think it leans more to the boy side.  But I think it looks good and can't wait to give it to her.  I may try to make a bib or a tag blanket yet.

I found the diaper and wipes case pattern here.  This site has a lot of baby stuff on it, mostly slings.  I actually used her pattern for a pouch sling that came out nice, unfortunately, Rebekah didn't like being in a sling.

I have made several decorated burp clothes by adding fabric, ribbon, or trim to the ends, and even by adding a panel in the middle.  However, I took the pattern for these from My Spare Time

Of course, the tote is the same one that I've done before.  I really love making them, I think they make such good gifts.

On another note, we have finally moved into our new home, a 3 bedroom duplex.  I'm really excited about having my own crafting area down in the unfinished basement.  We had a kitchen table and dining room furniture that didn't fit upstairs, so I have a table and storage.  Now I just have to unpack my stuff and organize!  Oh yeah, I need some more light too!

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