Monday, August 30, 2010

My first TuTu

This was my first attempt at a tutu.  Unfortunately, Rebekah hated wearing it!  But, maybe once she gets a little older she'll like to play dress up with it.  I used 2 rolls of tulle ribbon that my mom gave me for free, and some ribbon left over from my wedding favors!  I already had the elastic for the waistband, so this was a completely free project!  I added velcro to the waist band so I could make it bigger as she grows, I'll just need to add more tulle.  At least it looks good on the little lamb!

This is the fabric I bought today for a toddler size quilt.  This is going to be my daughter's birthday present, so I need to finish it in a week!  I'll update on my progress as I go.

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