Friday, October 8, 2010

Knitted Hat

Caleb modeling a cold weather hat that I knitted.  This was supposed to be Kevin's, but it was too small.  I knitted it in the round with my size 10, 29" long needles.  Then switched to double pointed needles as I closed up the top.  I knitted one row and then purled the next (well, except for a couple places where I did the wrong one).  A friend of mine recommended the magic loop method so I could use my too long needles, it worked quite well.  You can watch a video here.  The reason the hat was too small is because I decided that 8 inches was too much before starting to close the top, so I only did 6.  It looked so big, until it was finished and I tried it on!  Next time I will follow the directions! 

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