Friday, October 1, 2010

Knitting in the Round

Here is the beginnings of a hat that I am making for my husband.  I planned on using circular needles, but I bought ones that were too long.  So, I ran to Walmart today to buy shorter ones, but they didn't have any.  So, I thought I'd try double pointed needles, but they are slightly too small!  I'm impressed with how it is turning out, but I'm getting frustrated with the stitches wanting to slide off the end of the needles.  I need some covers to put on the end, which is now on my list of things to buy, as well as shorter circular needles!

This is what my blue piece turned in to.  I sewed up the sides, added a yellow handle and a button closure to make a little purse for my daughter.  It definitely is not professional looking, but perfect for a 2 year old!

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