Friday, March 4, 2011

Embellished T-Shirt (Up-cycled)

This is my attempt at an embellished knit t-shirt.  I found this wonderful blog called Make It and Love It that has a ton of tutorials for re-purposing clothes (I also made a boys vest from her site).  The picture below is her version, which is much cuter!  I had a really hard time sewing the flowers.  The stack of fabric was too big and it was too stretchy, so my flowers looked awful!  I ended up sewing them by hand, so I didn't stitch as far to the outside as the original, thus mine are more puffy.  I did successfully turn it into a short sleeve shirt from a 3/4 length, which I think I will do more of!  In the end, I'm not sure if I will actually wear this shirt, but I'm not giving up on altering knit t-shirts, I'm going to try some other versions on Make It and Love It! 

Here is a close up of my flowers.  The blue flowers are made from the remains of the sleeves.  For the white flowers, I sacrificed a stained hoodie that was too small anyway. 

This is the shirt I started with (I forgot to take a picture right away so one sleeve is cut already). 

This is a close up of my bad sewing machine job!  You can also see the white knit fabric that I added to make the neckline a little higher.  

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