Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kids Chore Charts

My husband and I started facilitating a Financial Peace University class a few weeks ago.  One thing that Dave Ramsey talked about was how important it is to teach your kids about finances by giving them money for work they do.  I was already thinking that I needed to have my kids do daily chores, so we decided to create these chore charts.  The top row is for daytime chores, and the second row is for bedtime chores.  These are things that they need to do just because they are part of our family (or some things like brushing their teeth so they remember to do it).  The last column is for chores they can do to earn money.  Kevin and I sat down and assigned a monetary value to some basic chores, such as cleaning your room is $1, helping unload the dishwasher is $0.50.  At the end of the week, we'll pay our kids for each chore they completed that week.  We will teach them to give some, save some, and spend some.  I'm really excited to start this plan! 

How it works:
Each kids has a Chores and a Finished chart with squares that have velcro in them.  Each chore is on a square card that has velcro on the back.  I found this idea at Homeschool Creations.  Every evening I'll make sure the next days chores are on their sheets, and then as they complete them they can move them over to the Finished chart.  The chores that earn them money will stay on the Finished chart until the end of the week when they get paid.  Below is a pic of the extra chore cards, I'm limiting them to 3 a week for right now (they're only 2 and 4). 

Simple Joy for Today:  Watching your kids learn how to ride a bike for the first time and love it. 

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