Saturday, June 4, 2011

Knit Skirt with Yoga Style Waistband

I'm back!  We took a family vacation over Memorial Day weekend.  We went to Missouri to visit some friends and had a great time.  We also stopped at the Arch in St. Louis, and the City Museum (and I didn't loose my camera this time).  The picture below is us crammed in the little train car that took us to the top of the Arch. 

The City Museum in St. Louis:

And, on to the crafting!

This is a knit skirt with a really comfy waist band, some call it a yoga style.  I used a tutorial on my favorite blog, Make It & Love It.  I think her's looks much nicer, although I don't have a nice mannequin to model mine on.  This skirt was very easy to make, although I need to figure out a different stitch to use with knit fabric.  While the waistband is very stretchy, the seam for the band being sewn to the skirt isn't stretchy.  I will experiment more with different stitches and let you know what I figure out (I used a basic zig zag, but I think it was too long of a stitch length).  My fabric came from a knit sheet found at goodwill!  I think I have enough fabric left for another skirt, or maybe a shirt.  I also bought a teal colored sheet which will probably become a shirt.

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