Saturday, March 24, 2012

100 Party!

One of the first things we do every day in our school is add a popsicle stick to our cup, count them, and write the number on our chart.  Today we added stick number 100, and had a party to celebrate!  In the picture below, Caleb is counting them.  Every ten sticks is bundled with a rubber band.

100 sticks makes quite a pile!  We played with them and spelled their names:

What's a party without snacks???  We counted out 10 piles of 10 pretzels, which makes 100, and then shared them!


Of course, we also had to have a treat.  Here are 100 jelly beans.

We sorted the jelly beans by color, and then counted each one.

They filled in a chart using the right color crayon (there were 12 red jelly beans, so they colored 12 boxes red).  I found the chart online, but have since lost the link...

I threw 100 pennies in the sand box and had them dig for buried treasure!

We finished our party with a 100 lunch!  Half a banana and two apple rounds make a 100, and I used cookie cutters to press a 100 in their sandwiches.  It was a very fun school day!

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