Thursday, March 22, 2012

Build a Chicken!

Last night, my husband took Caleb fishing, which left me with Rebekah and Joshua.  She loves to do "girly" things with me, and expects to do something special whenever Caleb and Daddy leave.  First, we went to the craft store where I bought her a couple packages of stickers for her scrapbook.  When we got home, she started begging me to do something "girly", so I asked her if she wanted to make a scrapbook page with her new stickers.  Nope, she wanted to do something different that we'd never done before.  Okay, well, what do you want to do?  Her reply:  "Build a Chicken!"  We built a whole family of chickens!

Joshua is about 2 months already!  Look how much he's grown.


  1. Awww she is such a cutie! And Joshua has grown :)

  2. How fun! You're a good mama to make that happen. The chickens are adorable!

    That sweet baby boy is getting way too do they do that so quickly?! :)

  3. That looks like a fun project, Casey. My children love chickens! Your baby is precious. An adorable family, you have. :o)


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