Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fleece Teddy Bear and Tote

This wonky little teddy bear is going to be a gift for a three year old boy.  I also made him a tote to put his bear in.  I have made lots of totes before, take a look at this one, and then try to make your own!  I attempted to make a little coat and hat for the bear out of the fireman hat fabric, but they didn't turn out good...

To make the bear, I just drew a bear on a piece of poster board, not including the ears.  I cut it out while the paper was folded in half so that it would be symmetrical (apparently my sewing wasn't as symmetrical as my cutting!).  I cut two pieces out of red fleece, then cut 4 pieces for the ear.  I sewed two pieces together for each ear, then turned them right side out.  Then I put the eyes and nose on, and also embroidered the mouth.  Once that was done, I made the bear sandwich: both large pieces right sides together, with the ears sandwiched in between, with the raw edges together.  Then I sewed it up, leaving a hole.  After turning it right side out, I filled it with stuffing and closed the hole.  He's a little wonky, but I hope a 3 year old will love him anyway!

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