Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby #4 is a Boy Cupcakes

Baby #4 is on HIS way!  It's a Boy!  In case you're counting, that's 3 boys and 1 girl.  We're very excited about this new addition to our family.

I wanted a special way to tell the kids they were having a brother or sister, so I made cupcakes!  It was my first time making cupcakes from scratch!  (I always cheat and use a box.)  I made little flags using tooth picks and construction paper, really simple.  Then after our ultrasound, I stuck the right color flags in the cupcakes.  Below is a picture of them (and our friends) as I came around the corner.  Caleb and Rebekah both wanted a sister, so I think they weren't as excited as my friends kids were...  That has changed already though, and now we're all trying to think of what to name this little guy.

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