Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Homeschool Space 2013-2014

Here's our homeschool space for this year, 2013-2014!  It's expanded a bit since last year.  I added a cube book shelf on top of the end table, which gave me a bit more storage space, and kept stuff out of Joshua's reach!  Most of the clear plastic shoe boxes are busy boxes to keep Joshua entertained when I need to be teaching the others.  I hope they work!  We are using My Father's World Adventures in US History (2nd Grade) and Kindergarten this year.  Some of the preschool toys in Joshua's busy boxes are from My Father's World also.

The top shelf of the big bookcase holds all the books and CDs that we won't be using every day, as well as our art curriculum and student sheets for MFW.  The second shelf holds all the daily teachers manuals and workbooks, as well as Kindergarten stuff, stickers and paper in the drawers and on top.  The third shelf down holds their school boxes, some extra supplies, and all their binders.  The binders are for their completed work: one for a history notebook, one for art, one is a nature journal, and one for everything else.  Rebekah also has a calendar notebook.  The bottom two shelves are for Joshua.

On top of the cube shelf is our book basket, scripture memory box, and Rebekah's number of the day box.  In the cubes are more things for Joshua and a few books/bibles.  I'm not sure what to put in the bottom right cube because Joshua can reach it!

And here he is just because he's cute, and he happened to be standing there when I was taking pictures!

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  1. Love your homeschooling space :) And Joshua is such a cutie!


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