Saturday, December 7, 2013

Week 17, MFW Adventures & K

We are halfway through our curriculum!  Exactly where I wanted to be before the baby came!  This next week we will just do some fun Christmas activities, lots of reading, and a bit of math until the baby comes, which I hope will be soon!  So, this week Rebekah learned to tie a shoe!  It only took me explaining it a couple times, even with her being left handed, she got it right away.  (Yes, she does have black and blue eyes... she jumped off the couch in the basement, tripped on a toy, and smashed her nose into the concrete floor... bet she won't do that again!)

In history, we continued learning about Daniel Boone and the Wilderness Road, along with the state of Kentucky.  Below are a couple books the library had.  I had ordered all our books online from our library, but with Thanksgiving, I didn't get there in time, so they all got put back.  I was so upset!  Of course, I didn't have my teacher's manual (I also didn't have a stroller for Joshua, so it was not a good library trip!)

The kids enjoyed our science experiment this week from Science With Air (Science Activities) .  We made our own weather vane out of cardboard, a thread spool, and a bamboo skewer.  We've taken it outside twice now to check the wind direction.

They've recorded their findings on a chart.  The wind was from the west both days.  We'll have to do it a couple more times this week!

Caleb has done a good job with English this week.  We talked about paragraphs this week, and he copied a story from our book, Primary Language Lessons .  It was supposed to be dictation, but I decided to let him just do copywork.  Also, one day we wrote Christmas letters, which I counted as English for the day.

Rebekah has been doing a GREAT job with reading!  She's been reading all the Bob books we have, including some that have letters she hasn't officially learned yet!  She doesn't really need my help at all, and she doesn't get frustrated like her brother did.  Their personalities are so different!

She also learned about telling time this week.

And here are a couple goat books I found.  She also made some popsicle stick puppets of farm animals, which we used to sing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm", but I didn't get a picture.

That's the end of our first semester!  I'll be back posting our weekly updates next year!  Then it will really get fun to school with a toddler and a baby!!!


  1. I was just wondering what kind of books you're talking about when you say Bob books ......looking for books for my son to read.

    1. I added links for the Bob books in the blog post. They are easy little readers. Rebekah has been able to read half of the ones from set 1 so far. I've seen them at our library too, maybe you can find them.


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