Saturday, February 15, 2014

Week 21, MFW Adventures & K

A fun Saturday project was making a balloon car out of Legos!  I found the idea on the craft mummy. Caleb spent almost 2 hours making different variations of balloon cars, trying to get it to go farther. His final design went 11 squares on our linoleum floor.  Even daddy got in on the act!

This was his best design:

I love this picture of Kevin reading a book to all 4 kids!

More in science this week included learning about the juice in fruit, so we made some invisible ink out of lemon juice.  When we ironed the paper, the lemon juice turned brownish.  If you do this activity, make sure your iron is very hot and do it for a couple minutes.

Here was his English paper from this week. He had to fill in the blanks with words that describe How? Except for trying to pick the shortest words, he did great!

Caleb finished up his math book, Singapore 1B, with money.  We're going to take a week to do some fun review and then start Singapore 2A!

Caleb loved our history this week.  He really likes learning about inventors, so he loved Robert Fulton, who worked on submarines and steamboats.

We covered the states Indiana and Mississippi.  The kids loved trying to spell "Mississippi" really fast!

Rebekah has been having fun learning about Penguins.  Below are their balloon penguins and a couple of her worksheets.  Her reading is coming along nicely.  

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