Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 22, MFW Adventures & K

Our favorite part of this week was the sweet potato pie we made when learning about the state of Alabama! Yum!  I thought it'd be more like pumpkin pie, but it was much sweeter, delicious!  To make it dairy free, I just used almond milk instead of the evaporated milk, and Earth Balance Vegan spread instead of butter.  I was surprised how much Rebekah liked it too!

We also covered the state of Illinois.

We started learning about the pioneers going west.  What's one thing pioneers took with them?  Quilts!  I pulled out a bunch of my scrap fabric, and each of them cut out 30 squares (4 in x 4 in).  We haven't had a chance to sew them together yet, but I'm hoping next week we'll have some time while Joshua is napping.

Here are our history books for this week:

And we finished our read aloud book:


For English, Caleb learned about writing letters and addressing envelopes.  Below are a couple sample envelopes he did.  He also wrote a letter to a friend, and sent a picture to grandpa.

Our bible verse for this week was about how we are all part of the body of Christ.

To go along with our verse about the body, we've been learning about our human bodies.  Below is Caleb blowing into a bottle filled with water.  This was to see how much air his lungs could hold.

Last week Caleb finished his math book (Singapore 1B).  I decided to give him a week of just reviewing math facts and some of the other concepts.  Below he is doing flashcards.  I mixed addition and subtraction ones this time.

Here he is matching clocks, the clock face to the digital time.  

For music, we continued our study of Tchaikovsky with listening to some of the ballet Swan Lake while coloring this picture.

Art was learning to blend with our white colored pencil, and also shading (see trees below).

Lastly, a picture of Rebekah and Joshua doing puzzles with Matthew (yes, Matthew fell asleep!).

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