Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 32, MFW Adventures & K

This week's bible verse was John 1:1, a verse that Caleb memorized during bible quizzing this year, so he was excited to quote it to me every day.  We did a lot of talking about how important words are.  Above is a picture of them putting a bible verse together.  We cut up the words and scrambled them first.  We also watched this movie about Helen Keller:

For science, we continued with Science With Air.  We made some homemade instruments!  Not pictured are the rubber band "guitar" and bottles filled with water.

In history, we learned about McCormick's reaper, the sewing machine, and the telephone.  Caleb loves learning about inventors.  We also are making a push to finish the states, so we covered Montana, Washington, Idaho, and Wyoming.

We took a vacation to Wyoming almost 2 years ago to see Yellowstone, and also saw a lot of the state on our drive out and back.  Here's a picture of Old Faithful we took.

Here is a drawing Caleb did for English (Primary Language Lessons).  He had to read a story and then illustrate it.  This is a bird in a tree, and the fox on the ground with the cheese.  I would have liked him to color it and maybe add a bit more, but it was a nice day and he really wanted to go outside.

We actually did painting this week too!  Outside!  They did a painting card from I Can Do All Things and then painted bird houses that they made last year.  They love painting, I really should let them do it more...

Rebekah started the letter Q for quail.  I love her quilt drawing!  And I'm impressed with her question mark!

And she did a bit of subtraction, which she loved because it made her feel older like Caleb!

And Mr. Matthew is rolling over!!!

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