Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 33, MFW Adventures & K

This week we continued to use Science With Air.  Above, Caleb is dropping two identical pieces of paper.  One is balled up, and one is flat.  You can see the ball already fell.  I love seeing the wonder on Caleb's face in these simple experiments.  Below, we also made parachutes for plastic dinosaurs!  (And then tested them outside.)

We covered Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona in our state studies.  We made fry bread to go along with New Mexico, it was yummy!

In history, we also read about Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and the Wright brothers.  We watched these movies to supplement our reading:


We didn't do anything extraordinary in math, English, or spelling this week.  In bible, we continued to talk about the importance of words.  Below are their marker cards, coloring beach balls (Rebekah's is first.)

Rebekah finished up the letter Q and started her last one, Y!!!  She really enjoyed her math activity of sorting a large box of crayons and graphing the results.

She also made a collage of pink things, her favorite color!

And finally, Matthew is learning how to eat solid foods.  Here he is not enjoying some baby cereal!

That's it!  On to our last official week!

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