Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week 31, MFW Adventures & K

This science experiment was really fun!  We made a windmill that lifted a button!  I'm always hesitant to do these experiments... it means getting everything out, making a mess, being loud when the littles are napping...  But I'm always glad that I did them after they're done!  Science is Caleb's favorite subject, and both of them get so excited when I tell them we get to do an experiment!

In history, we learned about North and South Dakota.  We took a vacation last summer to South Dakota and saw Mount Rushmore, so we looked at all our pictures too!  (Yellowstone Vacation)

Caleb loved listening to the Armed Services Medley, it's his new favorite song.  He still loves The Battle Hymn of the Republic too!

Caleb has happily moved on to measurement in math.  He's about halfway through Singapore 2A and just finished A LOT of borrowing/carrying addition/subtraction!

Here are their marker cards for this week.  I decided to skip the drawing and colored pencil lessons and just do the marker and paint ones.  If I can handle the mess, I'll let them paint.  If not, they can do markers that day.  We've only been doing art once or twice a week lately.  It's not our favorite subject!  (Caleb's is on top, Rebekah's on bottom.)

Rebekah enjoyed this unit, V is for Vegetables.  We learned how God's Word helps us grow, just like vegetables help us grow physically.  We read The Tale of Peter Rabbit, and then she drew Mr. McGregor's garden.  She didn't want to color it.

Her math page involved measuring with a ruler, just like Caleb's!  I think she felt like a big girl!

We cut off the tops of some carrots and put them in this pan of water.  Now they are growing!  We'll be planting them in our garden!

And Joshua is always around causing mischief!  Here he is playing with my buttons.  It's a great activity until he starts throwing them...

And here he is cooking mashed potato flakes!  (I was taking a shower...)

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