Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MFW Creation to the Greeks - Week 3

This week in bible and history we continued to learn about Noah and his descendants, then moved on to the Tower of Babel and Mesopotamia. In the right picture above, you can see Caleb's bible lands map that he drew. My Father's World has a neat story to tell as you illustrate it. The left side is a map of how Noah's descendants traveled after the flood.

Here is the writing from Caleb's notebook page about Noah. I required him to write 4 sentences, since he is in 4th grade. We're working on writing better sentences. Below is Rebekah's picture.

Here are the notebook pages from the Tower of Babel. The first is Caleb's, the second is Rebekah's.

The tower picture below is the back of Rebekah's notebook page above.

Next up was the Fertile Crescent and Mesopotamia. We looked at several books about the Sumerians, and watched a good movie about Ancient Mesopotamia that I found at the library. After learning about cuneiform writing, we made our own "clay" tablets out of cookie dough to try our hand at writing it.

They started off writing in cuneiform, but ended up just playing!

Here is Caleb's finished "tablet".

To review our Greek words, I had the idea of making a crossword puzzle for the words and some of the derivations. I found this free crossword puzzle generator and created one for the first 3 words. The kids liked doing this, so I'm sure I will do it again.

Writing Strands with Caleb went a little better this week. We only did it one day while Rebekah was at a friends house, so he had my undivided attention. It still wasn't fun for him, but we made it through with minimal crying. Below are the sentences he wrote, making them longer as he went.

A new thing this week was Spanish lessons! I ordered two of these workbooks from Amazon and we started learning numbers this week. We also watched a couple episodes of Salsa online.

Here's a glimpse of God and the History of Art. They are not huge fans of drawing. It doesn't help that I usually leave it to the end, so they tend to rush through it to be done for the day. To me, art is an extra that is not necessary, so it's hard to put it before other subjects. Next week, we will be starting to learn more about the history of Egyptian art, maybe they will like those lessons better.

Preschool time is not going well... They pretty much fight over EVERYTHING. I thought putting some trucks in a pan of beans would be fun and entertaining for them... I was wrong. They played good for about 2 minutes before fighting over the trucks, then they started throwing the beans because they were mad. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Thanks for taking a peek at our week, next week will start Ancient Egypt!

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  1. Just caught up on your lovely blog posts! It's so fun to peek into your homeschooling! You're doing great :) Unfortunately I don't have an great suggestions for the preschool situation, but it will all get better in time :) Keep sharing your updates!


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