Monday, August 31, 2015

Simple Notebook Student Planner

This is our new system for independent work, and I LOVE it! I came across this blog, amongst lovely things, and decided to try her idea of using simple spiral notebooks as student planners. Every afternoon, once school is over, I fill in the next days assignments. These are the assignments that they can do by themselves, or with minimal help from me. I even include "brush teeth" every day so I know it gets done! They get to decide what order they do things, checking off the boxes as they go. When they complete the whole day, I check to make sure it's actually done and then let them put a sticker on top. Now, I start the school day by telling them to "start their notebooks" while I clean up a bit and do some activities with the little boys. If it's time to do school with me, then they finish what's left after we're done. This is working REALLY well. Things that usually got forgotten, like their own bible reading time, now are done every day.  It's been a great thing for our homeschool, and you can't beat the price of a 19 cent notebook!

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