Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I learned to Knit (and other yarn fun)

Here is the beginning of my second knitting project ever.  My friend Holly taught me how to knit a dishcloth a long time ago, but I had forgotten everything she taught me.  After reading the instructions in 2 books, I finally had to go to youtube.com to watch this video!  This yarn was just left over in my stash, so I decided to make a scarf.  Although, after knitting several rows, I realized that it will be too wide for a scarf, and I will run out of yarn way before I hit that point anyway.  So, it will become a hat, unless my yarn runs out too early, then it may become a very small doll blanket, or a doll hat.  Speaking of baby hats, here is a white one I crocheted.  It was supposed to be for Rebekah, but seeing as the yarn also was a left over in my stash, it became a baby hat!  It needs a pom pom, but I'm all out of white. 

Here is a purple shawl I am still crocheting for Rebekah.  I bought purple flower buttons so it will stay on her.  I think it will be adorable with a white long sleeve shirt under it, and her teal and purple skirt that I made for her!

Lastly, with all this crocheting and knitting going on, my son was feeling left out.  He begged me to teach him to do some "sewing", so I bought some plastic canvas today and helped him make a bookmark.  (All I did was tie the knots so he could sew)  Here it is:

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