Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hair Bows and Chocolate Popsicles

I had a fun filled day yesterday teaching my sister-in-law how to make hair bows for her little girl.  Here are the ones that I made for Rebekah.  I learned how to make them from a friend and from this website: Grily Things.  They are so easy!  For the flower, I just bought a bouquet from the dollar store and we cut the flower off and glued it to a covered clip, see the picture below for the back view.  Super easy, and super cheap!

As a treat tonight, I made homemade chocolate pudding pops!  I think my kids liked them!  I found the recipe in a Weight Watchers magazine, July/August 2011 issue.  It was called dark chocolate pudding pops, on p108.  The only substitutions I made was using almond milk instead of regular (so Rebekah could have it too), and I used bittersweet chocolate chips instead of dark chocolate because that is what I had on hand.  They were really good, but had an odd taste, maybe from the almond milk, but the kids didn't notice.  The only problem I had was getting them out of the popsicle molds!  Do not run them under hot water, they melt too much and stick to the molds.  It was best to try to wiggle them out while fully frozen.  Next time, I think I'll take my sugared strawberries and puree them in the blender with some vanilla yogurt! 

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