Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Denim Buttons, Fixed Zipper & Shortening a Skirt

I always thought that putting a denim button on would be really hard, but it was SO EASY!  The original button on this skirt popped off.  I used a denim patch on the inside of the skirt to strengthen the fabric, and then put the button to the right of the hole.  The denim button was basically the front button part with a thumb tack for the back.  You push the tack through your fabric and press the button on top, finished!  I apologize for the picture quality, I was down in my basement sewing room where the light is poor. 


Next up was to fix a zipper.  This zipper (see pic below) was missing 3 or 4 teeth at the bottom of the zipper, before the stop.  So the first time it was unzipped, the zipper fell right off the track.  After many attempts, I finally was able to get the zipper back together, and then I sewed around the last set of complete teeth to create a new stop, several knots helped in the process too.  You can see the white thread in the picture. 

Lastly, I shorted a khaki skirt.  The original length (see pic below) was at my mid calf, a very unflattering length for me.  Instead of throwing it in the donate box, I decided to shorten it to a more flattering, below the knee length.  

I tried it on and marked the length I wanted, determining I needed to cut 7 inches off the bottom (make sure you leave room for hemming).  Then I just measured around the skirt and cut it off.  I did a simple hem, and it was finished in no time.  

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