Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Undershirt" to Fix Low Cut Shirts

It seems like every shirt in the stores nowadays has a low cut neckline!  And I am not the type of girl to show off cleavage!  Plus, in the summer, it's too hot to wear a tank top (if you can even find one that doesn't have a low neckline) under your shirt.  I found this blog, Shannon Makes Stuff, that had the perfect solution.  I used knit fabric (she used an old T-shirt) and added ribbon and velcro that will go around my bra straps to keep it in place.  I ended up adding a little more velcro than she did to make sure it would stick.  I've tried it on with several shirts and it looks great.  You just have to make sure you smooth the bottom down after putting on your shirt, no one will know it's not a shirt.  I plan on making a black one too!

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