Monday, July 30, 2012

Yellowstone Vacation was Great!

12 days, 3366 miles through 7 states, with 3 kids 5 and under!  Most people called us crazy, but we did it anyway.  We had an amazing time!  Of course, we had tantrums and melt downs, but mostly all three kids were good.  Here are a few of the 731 pictures we took!  Above is Caleb riding a horse in South Dakota, I couldn't believe he wanted to, I was so proud of him (it's a miniature horse though!).

Rebekah in the Badlands.  We were there in the evening, which made for a great picture.

Mount Rushmore in the evening.

A picnic on a huge rock at Sylvan Lake in the Black Hills, South Dakota.

Devil's Tower in Wyoming, the kids wouldn't pose for me.

Caleb and the mud volcano in Yellowstone.  

All 5 of us looking at the camera, even if we're not all happy...  The waterfall and canyon in the background was my favorite spot in Yellowstone!

Old Faithful did not disappoint.  We met some friends from our church here too, they were also on vacation.

We did a lot of hiking, which included stairs!  The kids loved following all the trails. 

Yellowstone is full of hot springs and geysers.  The hot water is perfect for different colored bacteria to grow in.  Kinda gross, but cool looking.  Kevin's favorite part of Yellowstone was the hot springs and geysers.  

Another view of my favorite canyon, beautiful!

We climbed down 328 steps to get this close to the waterfall.  Amazing, but then we had to climb back up!

This is Joshua at the waterfall!  He's asleep!

We stopped at Toadstool Park in Nebraska too, it was an out of the way place in the middle of nowhere, but neat.  

Rebekah thought she was so big getting to climb on all the rocks. 

That's our trip in a quick glance.  I'll do a separate post about how the kids stayed sane in the car later, so watch for it.

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  1. aww love the family photo!! Looks like a fun trip!


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