Friday, September 14, 2012

Days 19-25, My Father's World 1st Grade

This was the coolest science experiment!  It's on day 25 of My Father's World 1st grade.  We made a rain cloud!  I expected that the experiment was just to show how the steam would condense on the bottom of the pan (with ice in it), but even I was amazed when the cloud started forming!  We also saw the condensation and then it "rained".  One thing to note though:  use a metal pan with ice in it above the boiling water.  I started with a plastic bowl, but then my hand was getting too hot from the steam.  The cloud never formed and it barely had condensation on it.  I'm sure the plastic didn't get as cold as the metal pan did.

Math has been going well this week.  Above is a picture of our bean sticks, which are used to show place value.  We add a bean every day to a cup, and then glue them onto a stick when we have 10.  Below is a picture of monster math!  I read an idea on the MFW Boards.  It's a little hard to see, but we drew 3 monsters, one with 2 feet, one with 5 feet, and one with 10 feet.  Then I told a story:  There were 3 monsters that lived in the land.  Their favorite food was pizza, but they could only get to the pizza by making 50 footprints.  How many hops did each monster have to take to get to the pizza?  Which one got there the fastest?  The slowest?  Then we talked about counting by twos, fives, and tens.  Finished by some PE, jumping on the monsters footprints to get to the pizza ourselves!  Fun!

Our pattern animal blocks went much better this week.  No crying because they didn't stay on the lines perfectly!  After making the animals, we sorted the blocks used by color, and then but the piles in order by how many of each we had.  Our math topics were numbers, and then comparing sizes.

This is our pleasant word jar.  I don't remember if this idea came from the MFW message boards, or the facebook group I belong too, but it was a great idea!  We learned Proverbs 16:24, which is "Pleasant words are like honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones".  We compared honey to garbage, and talked about our words being like either.  To encourage pleasant words, I put this jar out.  Every time someone says pleasant words, they get to put a colored straw in the jar.  I have been told I'm sweet several times each day since putting the jar out!

Reading has been going great these last few days!  We have learned all the long vowel sounds now, and also /ay/.  I'm amazed at how quickly Caleb understands, as long as he's in the mood for it.  Above is a little book he read, then wrote and illustrated.  He read it to daddy and soaked up the praises!

We started playing a lot of reading games to get extra practice.  I have some plain number or alphabet cards that Rebekah uses instead of reading cards.  The games go well until someone isn't winning, and then we have a lot of crying...  Above, Caleb had to read a word and then use a spoon to carry it across the room and dump it in a pan.  Below is Chutes and Ladders with a new rule, you must read a card before you can spin.

This has been the best game.  I just used a manilla folder and drew a road on it.  I happened to have some construction stickers, so I decorated it.  Caleb was so eager to play it!  They played it before bed time instead of during school time!  They just read a card and get to move ahead one space.  They both get there at the same time, so there is no crying about not winning at least!

Lastly, this was our art for the week.  We did the abstract warmup level 1, from the book Drawing With Children.

And that's our week!

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