Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ruffle and Tulle Double Skirt

A girl in my church fell in love with this purple ruffle and tulle skirt.  The problem was that it was way too short for a 12 year old to wear modestly.  To solve the problem, her mom bought two of them (thankfully, they were on the clearance rack!), and then asked me if I could sew them together.  Of course I can!  Although, it was much more difficult than I thought.  I had to seam rip A LOT!  I first took off the elastic at the back, then the entire waste band, then there was some gathered stitching holding all the tulle layers together, and finally, I had to take off a ruffle that was underneath the top skirt so that it wouldn't be quite so puffy in the middle.  After the skirts were pinned together, it still looked too much like two skirts pinned together.  My ultimate solution was to raise the bottom skirt up about 3 inches so the bottom ruffle section is shorter than the top.  I was still unsure when I gave it to the mom, but I was informed that the girl loved it.  So, I guess it's perfect after all.  But I'm not sure I would agree to work on a skirt like this again...


  1. Love it! If you wouldn't have said anything I would not have even known it was once two skirts! Great idea!

  2. Funny how those "easy" projects sometimes turn out a bit hairy midway through. However, in this case the end result is simply lovely!!


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