Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cloth Envelope System with Clutch Purse

Have you ever heard of the envelope system?  It's a budgeting tool made popular by Dave Ramsey.  After you figure out your budget for the month, you put cash in different envelopes that match your budget categories.  This helps you to not overspend because once the cash is gone, you're done spending for the month.  Your envelopes can be plain paper business envelopes... or a cute cloth purse with zippered pouches!  This one is already on it's way to my friend Allie, I hope she loves it!

I used this tutorial as a basic guide for my pouches.  The clutch purse that holds the pouches was done flying by the seat of my pants skirt.  I started to build a tutorial for you, but I had to do A LOT of seam ripping and re-configuring.  But I think the end product turned out really cute!  I am planning on making another set for a different friend, so I will try and put a tutorial together then. 

I added some clear vinyl pockets to the front of the envelopes and slipped some yellow paper inside.  My friend can write her budget categories on the papers to label her envelopes (like food and entertainment).

The embellishment on the top is just a fabric yo-yo with two buttons sewn on top of each other.  And I added a ribbon wrist strap.  Cute!  Happy budgeting Allie!


  1. Wow, amazing, Casey! :) I wish I could sew like you! Very cool.

  2. Cute! This would be a great gift for a teenager who is just learning how to manage money.

  3. I got this one and LOVE IT! Casey you did an awesome job. I even have room to tuck in a tiny notebook, pen and a few coupons into the back of the purse to head to the store and such with.

    Love it :)


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