Monday, November 5, 2012

Celebrating the Sabbath - MFW 1st, Day 57

This has been one of my favorite activities so far!  We had a Jewish Sabbath dinner, just like they did back in bible times (well, not quite like them, since we did it on a Wednesday night, but kinds similar!).  We set the table with cloth place mats and two candles.  See the heart candle stands and the ribbons on the candles?  Yep, they were from our wedding... we don't use candles too often around here.  The kids were excited to use real glasses and the nice big, breakable plates.  I also made homemade challah bread, which was delicious!  I made the dough in my bread machine using the recipe I found in the manual.  Caleb and Rebekah thought is was fun painting the egg yolk on top.

Part of the celebration was daddy praying for each of us, which was really nice.  Then he prayed a blessing over the grape juice and the bread before we dug in.  The bread is not supposed to be cut with a knife, so we just ripped pieces off, fun for the kids!  I was happy that no one spilled the grape juice!  The rest of our menu was chicken with gravy, mashed potatoes, and corn.

It was so nice and relaxing to have a candlelight dinner with the kids.  I would never have thought of doing this on my own, I'm so glad that we did this!

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