Sunday, November 11, 2012

Days 54-63, MFW 1st Grade

Above, Caleb and Rebekah were building their 3D map of the bible lands, made out of play dough and paint.  We have been having a wonderful time learning about bible history!  Below is a picture of our Sabbath dinner.  I posted about our dinner last week, which you can see here.  We also learned Proverbs 19:17 and Proverbs 13:13, which starts "He who scorns instruction will pay for it".  Caleb learned this one first hand!  I told him he needed to settle down during lunch and sit in his chair.  Well, he kept bouncing around and being a little crazy, and he knocked over his cup of juice.  We didn't have any more, so he paid the price of not getting any juice.  I love when God provides moments of instruction at just the right time!

We also started learning about Noah, so we made tin foil boats and floated them in the bath tub.  Joshua wanted them so bad!  Silly boy!

Reading has been going very well too!  Below is a completed page in his work book.  He illustrated three sentences without my help.  I thought he did a good job!

In math, we finished up place value and then spent a week on measurement.  In the picture below, the kids are using measuring cups to fill different containers with water.  They each had a 1 cup and a 1/4 cup.  They like to play with water!

On day 55 we spent some time learning about volcanoes.  We learned how the ground moves because of the magma underneath it.  To demonstrate this, I used a K-cup and had Caleb fill it half way with dirt.  Then I squeezed toothpaste (magma) through the hole in the bottom.  We were able to watch the dirt swell up before the magma broke through.   (This was an activity recommended in the curriculum).

We also made volcanoes out of play-doh and erupted them with baking soda and vinegar dyed yellow (I was out of red).  We used up all the old dried out, mixed together play-doh.

Then we talked about the stars and planets.  We read a few books from the library, and I found a Magic School Bus Lost in Space DVD for them to watch.  We cut planets out of construction paper to show the relative sizes, but I didn't take a picture.  And lastly, we made a rocket balloon and pretended we were blasting off into outer space.  Boy, did I get tired of blowing up that balloon!

That's what we've been up to.  This next week we'll be covering the Tower of Babel and making our own towers out of tooth picks.  I can't wait!

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