Friday, November 1, 2013

Week 12, MFW Adventures & K

I made a new math fact game for Caleb this week!  I taped 2 large construction papers together, then made a path with an old deck of cards (numbers 2-10).  Caleb rolls a dice, and then adds the number on the dice to the number on the next card.  He's played it several times, sometimes multiple times because he can't decide what car to use, so he has to use them all!

Here is a picture of our science experiment from last week.  We put dry and wet bread in a plastic bag and let them sit for almost a week, this is what they looked like according to Caleb.

English has not been going as well.  Caleb has really resisted writing lately, can you see how crinkled his paper is?  He was mad that I was making him write, so he crunched it...  He did this dictation over two days, so I don't think it was too hard, he just hates to write!  His next lesson was a discussion about trees and then he drew a few of them (a coconut and pine tree).  While he also hates to make up answers to questions, he didn't mind drawing.  He also had a terrible time making up a story to go with a picture that was given.  As my husband put it, he definitely comes from two engineers.  He likes short, to the point answers, that are always right!

This was the read-aloud we finished this week.  It was a good book, but a bit slow moving.  See my side bar for more titles we loved!

We started our state studies this week, which has been a big hit!  We learned about Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Georgia.

With Delaware, we learned about the constitution.  With Pennsylvania, we read about the liberty bell, and then made our own version out of Styrofoam cups and tin foil.

We didn't have any special activities for New Jersey, but we did make peach cobbler for Georgia.  We all liked it!

I am so glad that My Father's World includes music study in their curriculum.  We've been learning about The Story of Tchaikovsky in Words and Music, and listening to the Nutcracker (Highlights).  We listened to the hot chocolate dance, so of course, we had to drink hot chocolate!  We also listened to coffee, tea, and trepak.

While they listened, they drew pictures from The Nutcracker Ballet book.  I was really impressed, maybe all the art lessons are working, even though I thought they weren't!  The first picture is Caleb's and the second is Rebekah's.  They are of a chocolate dancer, and then some things from the land of sweets.

Rebekah is cruising right along with her Kindergarten!  This week we finished up the letter D and dinosaurs. She's doing great with blending letters and reading simple words!

She made a stuffed paper bag stegosaurus, her favorite kind!  Then we read the book, If the Dinosaurs Came Back.  Then she wrote and illustrated her own book!  She obviously loves to write, unlike her brother!

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