Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 16, MFW Adventures & K

This week Caleb decided to write his own stories, there are two on this page.  He did this all on his own, not during school time.  Of course, I encouraged it, and didn't correct him at all.  (Although, I just noticed I did write the correct spelling of "of"...)  I really want him to have a love of reading and writing.  And below is a picture of our history books this week.  I actually remembered to take a picture before we went back to the library!  We learned about Rhode Island and Vermont, and then spent a couple days on Daniel Boone.

Here are the state sheets Caleb did.  We also tried some real maple syrup, which was a big hit with everyone!

I dropped the ball a little bit with our science this week.  We are using Science With Air (Science Activities), pages 6-9 this week.  We talked about what happens when air gets cold or hot, which makes different weather.  I wasn't prepared for the experiments, so I quick made one up.  We took balloons filled with warm air outside to see if they shrank in the cold air (they did, but only a little).  Thankfully, I had gotten several weather books from the library that we read too.

English and spelling were normal this week.  In math, Caleb was introduced to multiplication!  It's only a quick introduction, but he's doing good with it.  Next week we'll be introducing division, then on to some easier topics like money and time.  We still review addition and subtraction facts every day, and he's definitely getting better at those.  He's about halfway through Singapore 1B, looks like I'll be ordering the level 2 books soon.

Rebekah's cruising right along in Kindergarten.  This week was the letter I, which stands for insects.  We learned "I am a wise child, so I work hard." (just like the ants!)

We read lots of insect books!

And then we made peanut butter honey balls!  (Bees make honey, so we had to try it!)  I mixed peanut butter, honey, oatmeal, ground flaxseed, and a bit of powdered sugar.  I rolled them in more powdered sugar so they wouldn't be so messy.  Yum!

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