Friday, November 8, 2013

Week 14, MFW Adventures & K

We skipped ahead to week 14 this week.  In our curriculum, week 13 is a special 3 day Thanksgiving unit, so we'll come back to it in a few weeks.  So, we continued on in our state study with Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, and South Carolina.  We are attempting to collect post cards from every state. I've been sending out requests to family, friends, and fellow homeschoolers.  The kids were super excited when we received 2 from Hawaii!!!  We decorated a shoe box with stickers to hold them all.

I forgot to take a picture of our library books before I took them back, but we really enjoyed Molly Bannaky, which was a book from Maryland.  We also read Pioneer Girl: The Story of Laura Ingalls Wilderbefore we started reading Farmer Boy (Little House) this week.  We read about how Almanzo liked to eat popcorn in milk, and then Caleb tried to fit an entire cup of popcorn in a cup of milk.  It fit!  And he actually ate it and liked it too!  The rest of us just ate the popcorn.

In science, we've been learning about the different state birds.  Below is a picture of the kids making robin nests out of chow mien noodles, crunched up frosted mini wheats, chocolate and peanut butter.  They didn't look very much like nests, but they were yummy!

Did you know that a robin can eat 14 feet of worms a day?  That's a lot of worms!

We also made a soda bottle bird feeder and hung it on our play set outside.  It's on the left where one of the rings should be.  The kids have been watching it closely, but we haven't seen any birds yet.  Fortunately, our neighbors have several bird feeders that we can watch too!

The rest of our subjects have been challenging this week.  Let's just say, Caleb has had a bad attitude all week.  We have been doing subtraction in math, and because of all the whining, I decided to pause in our math book and just spend 2 days of working on math facts.  I was going to let him play fun games to practice them, but his attitude was so bad I decided to just print off worksheets for him.  He cranked about them yesterday, but then asked for more today!

In spelling, he did his weekly test really great... until the last word.  He couldn't remember how to write the "oo" sound for the word "rooms", so he started having a fit and saying he wasn't going to do it (more bad attitude).  Well, I flipped the paper over and made him write it 12 times instead.  The first 3 were too sloppy, so that earned him #13-15!  I don't think he'll forget this word next week!

I was actually lenient on him for English this week.  He learned about the difference between "a" and "an". He was supposed to write the sentences and fill in the blanks, but I let him just write the correct word.  We also did the days of the week.

Here are their drawings from the The Nutcracker Ballet (Step-Into-Reading, Step 3), Caleb's is first.  We listened to the dance of the flowers.

Rebekah is cruising right along with her school too.  We finished up the letter O, for octopus.  She's doing a great job with her reading!  She's been trying to find words she knows in all our library books too!

And here's an octopus project she made.  The octopus was made using her hands.

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