Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week 15, MFW Adventures & K

I'm a little late getting our weekly update posted.  The end of this pregnancy has been wearing me out!  I found a unit study about simple machines, so we learned about pulleys, levers and a few others.  Above, the kids had a great time testing out how a pulley (our broom) works!  Below, we made a lever out of rulers and rubber bands.

And then we looked at a lot of pictures of machines and tried to figure out what kind they were.  It was a fun, simple unit study.

In our state study, we finished New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, and North Carolina.

They really liked learning about the Statue of Liberty.  It was really funny to imagine a 4 foot long nose!

We've received 10 postcards from around the US so far!  Thank you to those that have sent, or are still sending one to us!

Here is Caleb's English paper for the week.  This took him a couple days to complete.  He learned about describing when something happens.

And for the boy that hates writing, he decided to write a story all by himself, not during school!

And then Rebekah had to write one too!

In art, they learned about drawing with dots, and then the next picture is more color making with paint!

Rebekah finished up the letter W, which stands for water.  She's doing a great job on all her school work!

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