Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 18, MFW Adventures & K

We've been back to school for a couple weeks but I'm just now getting to posting about it!  School with a newborn has been easier than I thought it would be.  I've had to sit at the table and nurse the baby, or I nurse him while reading our read alouds.  He also sleeps quite a bit still.  Joshua has been less of a challenge too because he discovered that it's fun to color if you have your own school box!  Above, the kids are looking at our library books, we call it book basket time.
This week we learned about Eli Whitney and his invention of the cotton gin.  Above is Caleb's summary about him.  Below, we glued green paper "seeds" to some cotton balls and then tried to pick the seeds out of the cotton.  Both kids got frustrated.  The point was to show them how much of a help the cotton gin was.

We also learned about the state of Tennessee.  
And played this game, that we gave the kids for Christmas.  Rebekah has a hard time with this game because she can't read yet, but Caleb does really good.
For science, we learned about living and non-living things and then talked about cells.  We made a chart of the living and non-living things God created.  They also colored pictures of plant and animal cells.


The fun activity was making models of cells out of Jello, marshmallows, and a piece of candy!

Here is Caleb's English paper for the week.  His handwriting is getting good, but he holds his pencil wrong...  I'm not sure if I should correct it or not.  He slammed his finger in a door back in kindergarten, and it took months for it to heal, so he got used to doing it wrong...

Rebekah has been doing great!  She's trying to read all kinds of books and surprises me with what she knows already!  Here's a sample of what she's doing in school.

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