Friday, January 31, 2014

Week 20, MFW Adventures & K

Have you ever heard of dip painting?  It's when you dip your brush in multiple colors and then paint with it.  Rebekah understood what it was, hers is on the right.  Caleb just painted his normal, so I had him try the dip painting on the top.

This was our science project this week.  We had two plates of popcorn seeds.  One we watered, and one we didn't.  Can you guess which one grew?

For English, Caleb worked on the months and seasons of the year.
Our history was about the Louisiana purchase.  I made red beans and rice for lunch for them to try, but only me and Joshua liked it.  They really liked the book: Why Alligator Hates Dog (LittleFolk), which is a Cajun folktale.  We also read about Lewis and Clark!

We learned about our flag and the Star Spangled Banner.  Did you know that there are other verses to the song?  I never knew that!  Here's a picture of books we read.

We also read the story of the ballet, Swan Lake.  Although I thought the ending of suicide was too much for my young kids.  I ended the story with "she had to remain a swan forever".  I thought that would be tragic enough!  Then we listened to some of the music.

Rebekah finished up Horses and is on to Elephants.  E is her last vowel! 

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