Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 19, MFW Adventures & K

Rebekah finished up her unit on cows this week, so we made homemade ice cream in zip lock bags.  We used almond milk for hers (she's allergic to dairy), and it turned out very yummy!  Click here for the recipe.  I also made the chocolate syrup, it's great!

Here's a random picture of what school looks like at our house, yep, they're in their jammies!  Rebekah had moved on to the letter H, so she's decorating a heart while Caleb is doing English.

This is his English paper.  He had a list of animals, and he had to make up a sentence using each animal.  I'm really proud of what he came up with, and that he did it without crying and whining!  Usually, he has a hard time coming up with his own sentences.  

This is Joshua being busy!  He's been doing simple puzzles a lot lately.

I started letting Caleb do his spelling review on  You can put in spelling words and then they can play games using those words.  Caleb loves computer games, so it's also worked as a motivational tool.  I gave him a choice this week.  If his math and English were done without crying and whining, he could play the games.  If he whined and cried, then he had to write each spelling word 3 times for his review instead.  He chose to get his work done without whining and crying!  I'll be using this trick again!

For bible time, we've been learning that Jesus is the Lamb of God.  Below are their sheep pictures with part of our memory verse.

Our postcard exchanging has been going well.  We're up to 26 states!  If you're from one of the states that's not colored on our map, we'd love to exchange a postcard with you!  Send me an email at

We learned about the state of Ohio, and how settlers traveled down the Ohio River in large flat boats.  We read several books, but of course, I already took them back to the library...

For art, they tried coloring with markers and then painting it with water.  The results were pretty neat.  Caleb's is on the left.

Lastly, a picture of one of Rebekah's worksheets in Kindergarten.


  1. I so enjoy reading your updates! :) We are in IN if you still need a postcard. You can email me:

    1. Dawn, that would be great! I will send you an email.


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