Friday, January 10, 2014

Un-schooling on our Baby Break

Because I was 39 weeks pregnant and hoping to have the baby a few days early, I decided we were officially taking a break starting Dec. 9th!  We still did quite a bit of informal school that 1st week before I had the baby (who didn't come until after his due date...)  I had Caleb do 2 days worth of math and some math fact practice, we finished Farmer Boy, and watched several nature movies (we call that science around here).  We had lots of time for some fun Christmas activities, like making gingerbread cookies shown above.  I took the easy way out this year and skipped the rolling and using cookie cutter part.  We had all round ornaments!  They didn't seem to notice I was cheating!

They also sewed their own Felt Christmas Tree Ornament.

A fellow MFW user shared these nutcracker puppets.  We used a cereal box for the backgrounds.  They were all taped on the top so we could flip them as we went.  I read this book as they performed the show.

We had time for a game of Sorry! 2013 Edition Game as well (while Joshua napped of course).

I had them draw the maple tree in our neighbors yard since it is winter now.  They drew the same tree in the fall.  Rebekah's is on the left, Caleb's on the right.

Our unschooling continued after Christmas too!  Below is Rebekah learning how to sew on her new sewing machine.  I helped her make a doll pillow.

Caleb received Legos, which he had to put together right away!  Here's his finished space ship.  I'm still not sure if I should count Lego building as school.  It seems like it should be!  It could be a little math, maybe the science of building, engineering, creative thinking?  What do you think?

Caleb also got a lesson in how to operate a snow blower, thanks Grandpa!  (Now he wants his very own snow blower!)

Rebekah also received an art kit for Christmas.  We watched an instructional video online about soft pastels, and then she tried to draw this picture from a book we had.  I think that big black smudge in the middle is supposed to be the trees on the horizon line.  I'm actually impressed!  She even tried to blend blue and black for the sky on the top, just like the guy in the video did.

Did you know that Goodwill has outlet stores!  We recently found out about one in our area, it is so much fun digging for treasure!  We found this old phonics game, still in the package.  You pay by the pound at the outlet, so this wasn't even a dollar!  It's perfect for Rebekah, but even Caleb has had fun with it.

We started school back up this week, but we took a couple days off because Grandma came to visit!

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